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Drs. Ben and Kate McDonald provide friendly and caring dental care in Roanake for both children and adults.
We welcome patients of all ages and we know that your dental needs are always changing. That's why we personalize dental care and treatment plans for each patient.
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“The doctors McDonald are a passionate team who truly enjoy their work. Their training in modern techniques makes me confident that I am receiving the best possible treatment and care. Ben and Kate are very hands-on and present compared to some other dentists who only pop in for a few seconds at the end of appointments. I'm a truly satisfied patient and I trust them entirely with my dental health.”

Welcome to Our Roanoke, VA Practice

Welcome to McDonald Family Dentistry, a family dental practice serving Roanoke, VA and its surrounding communities.

We’re excited to continue a tradition of family serving families that began three generations ago. As a patient at our practice, you’ll enjoy outstanding, modern care from a husband-and-wife team, Drs. Ben and Kate McDonald.

Drs. Ben and Kate take the time to tailor treatments to each individual patient’s specific and unique needs. We learn what’s important to you so that we can provide you with the dental care that you want and need.

In fact, we take the Golden Rule one step further and treat you as you would like to be treated!

Modern Dental Care With a Small Town Feel

We want everyone who visits our office to feel welcome. The comfortable, home-like feel of our practice, our welcoming lobby, and our friendly team all work together to create a relaxed atmosphere for our patients.

Just because you're comfortable doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on the level of care you receive. We’ve added up-to-date technology like digital dental x-rays to make your experience more streamlined and efficient while improving our ability to diagnose any issues as early as possible when simple and conservative treatment options are available.

We also welcome family members of all ages to McDonald Family Dentistry. We encourage children to start their dental visits early on to help them develop a healthy relationship with their family dentist in Roanoke. Early visits to the dentist will help your son or daughter feel welcome and at ease in the dental chair, which sets them up for success in the future.

Personalized Care You Can Count On in the 24014 Area

One of the most common concerns people have about health care is that it often feels like providers are in and out in moments, and there’s never enough time to really address issues – or even for providers and patients to get to know each other!

That simply isn’t the case at McDonald Family Dentistry. Here, you’ll spend quality time with your dentist. The entire family is welcome at our practice, which makes it easy for you to schedule appointments that work with your busy schedule.

We love the Roanoke community! Both Dr. Ben and Dr. Kate earned their dental degrees from Virginia schools, and Dr. Ben is a native of Daleville, just north of Roanoke. We are in touch with the values of local families, which translates into a more meaningful and personal experience every time you visit us.

General Dental Services to Protect Your Smile

Preventive Dentistry

We focus on preventive care at McDonald Family Dentistry that will help you protect your healthy smile. Having a tooth cleaning and checkup consistently every six months will help protect you from problems like tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease because we can detect these problems very early on. Early diagnosis of dental concerns gives you more options for treating the problems with less costly and non-invasive procedures.

Protecting your oral health has never been more critical in light of all the information we now have on the connection between gum disease and other health issues like diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease, complications during pregnancy, and dementia. By taking good care of your dental health, you are also guarding your overall well-being and being proactive about avoiding other health concerns.

Restorative Dentistry

Tooth decay and broken teeth are typically a fact of life for most of us, and at some point, you may need a tooth repaired. Dr. Ben and Dr. Kate utilize tooth-colored composite resin and ceramic porcelain crowns in order to provide you with aesthetic restorations that complement your smile.

Missing teeth can make it difficult to chew your food and smile with confidence. We provide trusted solutions for missing teeth in Roanoke with dental bridges and full and partial dentures. We are happy to discuss your options with you during an evaluation if tooth loss is impacting your life.

Cosmetic Dentistry

While you must have a healthy smile, it is also equally important that you have a beautiful smile, you can feel proud of. If you're not happy with the way your teeth look, you may tend to hide your smile. People who don't smile are often perceived as unfriendly or unhappy without meaning to be.

At McDonald Family Dentistry, we utilize tooth-colored restorations like dental fillings, tooth crowns, and bridges to repair and replace teeth with the best aesthetic solutions possible. Additional services like dental bonding can affordably restore your smile and eliminate small cosmetic imperfections like:

  • Spaces between teeth
  • Fractured or chipped teeth
  • Stained or discolored teeth
  • Oddly sized or shaped teeth

We want you to be happy with your smile and Drs. Ben and Kate are delighted to create a plan to help you achieve the beautiful smile you've always wanted.

Emergency Dentistry

Tooth emergencies can be painful, and they are definitely inconvenient. If you have a broken tooth or a toothache, you need relief as soon as possible, and your emergency dentist in Roanoke is here to help! Drs. Ben and Kate McDonald make every effort to see emergency patients right away and provide same-day dentistry if it's possible. Don't hesitate to contact your team at McDonald Family Dentistry right away at (540) 324-7221 if you or your loved one has a tooth emergency. 

Flexible and Affordable Dentistry in Roanoke

Health care costs are on everybody’s mind these days, and one of our goals is to make it easy for our patients to get the family dentistry in Roanoke they need when they need it most.

McDonald Family Dentistry is in-network with Delta Dental, Anthem Complete, Cigna, and Always Care. While we are out of network with other insurance companies, we are happy to file your insurance and help you maximize your benefits.

If you are anticipating restorative or cosmetic dentistry, talk to us about CareCredit, a financing option that allows you to make small, affordable monthly payments on your dentistry. CareCredit makes high-quality dentistry easily accessible when you need it most without depleting your wallet.

We never want finances to keep you from getting the dentistry you need and the healthy and beautiful smile you deserve. We encourage you to contact McDonald Family Dentistry at (540) 342-7221 and speak with one of our helpful team members if you have questions or concerns about your treatment plan or your payment options.

Ready to Get Started?

Are you looking for an excellent dentist in the 24014 area? We are looking forward to meeting you! To schedule your appointment or learn more about our Roanoke dental practice and what we have to offer, please call (540) 342-7221 or click the Contact Us button on the right side of this page.

See you soon!

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