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Can you get dentures the same day as extraction?

Immediate dentures are an option that allows you to wear dentures almost immediately after your tooth extraction surgery.

The downside to choosing immediate dentures is that because they're fitted before your teeth are removed, you will have to visit your dentist to adjust them quite a bit as your jaw changes during your healing process. This may mean a longer learning curve while you're getting used to eating, chewing, and talking with your new teeth.

Conventional dentures are another option that your dentist fits after your teeth are extracted and your jaw and gums have completely healed. However, choosing this option means you may have to spend some time without teeth as it can take six to twelve weeks to complete the healing process.

Wearing dentures is a big decision, and if you're dealing with the loss of multiple teeth, our dentists would love to discuss your options. Drs. Ben and Kate McDonald have helped many patients restore their smiles, and we're happy to present your options to you during an evaluation where we'll discuss your goals for your smile. 

You don't have to struggle with tooth loss any longer! Dentures in Roanoke, VA, can restore your smile and confidence. Call (540) 342-7221 to learn more.

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